An update on Olaf

Olaf had a vet appointment today as he hasn’t been improving as we’d hoped. Thankfully since moving here we’ve found a fantastic vet who has paid great attention to my small pets. I had worried about the “little pets aren’t so important” attitudes you hear of but this practice has been wonderful with one of my hamsters and now with Olaf.

Our first hurdle was that I haven’t been able to get hold of Olaf’s medical history. I explained what I did know and the vet wondered if he might have had a fracture as well as or rather than E. cuniculi infection. At this point it might be partially healed and she didn’t think surgery was an option; however, we could have x-rays done or just treat him as though it’s a fracture in case this helps. I chose the latter option as the vet advised the drugs were very safe so if it turned out it wasn’t the most appropriate treatment it wouldn’t do him any harm. The x-rays didn’t sound like they would tell us much more than that and I’d rather keep the limited Olaf funds for a higher impact treatment if anything is available.

Unfortunately this new avenue of treatment means no more free range Olaf in the house as he will be confined to his cage for 3-4 weeks and also be taking some pain killers/anti-inflammatory medication. I feel bad because we were under the impression if he exercised it would help him recover use of his legs and improve, but it may actually have been preventing a break from healing properly. I’m just reminding myself that his options were to come here to us or be put down and we can’t go back in time and make suggestions to his previous vet based on what we know now. Instead I’m trying to be glad we’ve had another opinion and now have another treatment to try. The vet gave some great advice on bedding and soothing treatments for his skin too so overall we have a range of new “weapons in the arsenal” and we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed!


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