A visit to the RSPCA shelter

I just wanted to make a quick post about a really lovely experience I had this morning. Tom and I had some spare pet supplies so we dropped them off at our local RSCPA shelter (visit their Facebook Page or website). The lady at the desk asked if we’d like to have a look around – I had no idea this was something you could do and was very keen! We started out with a visit to the small animal room. I was so impressed with all the enrichment in the cages and what great enclosures they all had. Obviously it’s a shame they don’t have one-to-one owners but the RSPCA has created some lovely homes for them. A mouse called Pepper climbed up on his water bottle to “talk” to me and I was smitten!

We also saw Blackberry who I recognised from their Facebook page as having been waiting for a home for many months – I can’t see any reason why so if you are looking for a rabbit, get down there and pick him up…!

Next we went into the cattery. Again it was very well maintained and all the cats had toys, bedding and cat flaps to go outdoors if they wanted. I couldn’t help but talk to all the cats; my favourite was Meme, a 12-year-old short hair who stood at the front of her pen and made pushy paws at me. Tom called me up to the end pens at one point to see “the biggest cat I’ve ever seen,” a Maine Coon called Bella, but in the end I think his heart was won over by a black kitten who played with our fingers through the glass.

Meme the cat (2)

Finally, we walked along the rows of kennels and said hello to all the dogs. I didn’t want to spend too long as they all wanted to bark their hellos at us and I didn’t want to wind them up – there were clearly some big characters in there! On the other hand I couldn’t help but stop at Trigger’s cage as he was lay down in a sunny patch and just looked up at me – we had a quick word to make sure his tail was wagging. It was nice to see several RESERVED stickers on the kennels and know the dogs inside are soon off to their forever homes.

We didn’t stay too long (I could feel Tom getting more and more worried we were going to leave with a car full of animals – not that I support taking in a pet on a whim, but the image was definitely there in his head!) but it absolutely made my day to see so many animals being given a second chance and so well cared for while they wait for their permanent owners to find them. If you’re thinking of taking in a new pet, definitely go along and see if they are waiting for you there, or if you just need your heart warming!


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