Little Ham

This week’s blog post will be a little late, so here are two new photos of Little Ham to tide over any avid readers*. He’s needed his nails trimming recently which causes so much wriggling but luckily we are down to the last few claws… I do a couple at a time to avoid stressing him out but also for my own sanity!

Little Ham 1

Little Ham 2

*I don’t presume to have any of these, but two of my friends told me they had read my blog recently so thanks loads guys 🙂

Also in case anyone notices/worries: the lump on his front right leg has been seen by a real vet. He’s had it most of his life and it doesn’t seem to cause him any problems so we decided not to attempt risky tiny hamster surgery. The torn up ear is fine too, also a long standing feature!

Why I watch the National

Every year I sit down in April and watch the Grand National. In 2015 I spent April 11th with friends and we watched the race together. As The Druid’s Nephew fell and Ballycasey was brought down, with Ruby Walsh diverting the runners around Balthazar King with his broken ribs, they became increasingly horrified. After Many Clouds had crossed the finish line they asked me if I like horses so much, how can I watch such a horrible, cruel race?

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Lambing in Derbyshire

I’m really going to struggle to put down on paper my enjoyment and learning over the six days spent on a Derbyshire farm during lambing. “I could have stayed forever” would be a good summary. I’ll try to be a bit more structured though and avoid waxing lyrical about sheep. In all honesty I’ll struggle – this placement has done a lot to cement my interest in livestock medicine and I wish I could spend more time learning about it before applying to uni.

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Compulsary canine microchipping

Next week, on April 6th, it becomes a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped. The new law says that by 8 weeks old puppies must be chipped and owners who fail to do so will face a fine of up to £500 and possibly prosecution, although there is a 21-day grace period to get a microchip. Other animals aren’t affected; although it’s a very good idea to have your cat or rabbit microchipped, it’s not a legal necessity. For horses microchips are already required if the horse’s compulsory passport dates 2009 or later.

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