Meet the cast

This week I doubt I’ll have time to write a proper post as I am going to help out at lambing for a week. I am so excited!! So I’ve put together a little introduction to all the animals who appear on the blog. I try to use my own photos wherever I can, so my own pets and my family’s pets will appear quite a bit.

Little Ham is a Russian Winter White hamster. He came to live with me in January 2015 from Support Adoption for Pets. I’d been visiting since December 2014 in the run up to getting a Syrian hamster, which took me a while to organise whilst I checked with my landlord and the like. In all that time no-one adopted Little Ham, so I took him home eventually too.


Charlotte is a Syrian hamster who arrived in November last year. She also came from a SAFP stand in Pets at Home. Charlotte loves to explore the living room but I have to keep an eye on her because she loves climbing and left to her own devices will reach windowsills, curtain poles and book cases with no plan for how to get back down!


Zozo the cat belongs to my mum and my little sister. When I was about seven we went to see my grandparents in North Yorkshire. We stayed on a nearby farm and when we arrived Zozo was under a plant pot by the front door. They brought her into the house for my sister and I to play with; our parents had already been planning to get a cat, so when we went home Zozo came all the way back to Derbyshire with us in a Walkers Crisps box from the corner shop.


Daisy May also lives with my folks in Derbyshire. She turned up stray in 2013 and once she settled in, produced five more cats for us to look after! Daisy’s kittens all found homes and we had her spayed. Both she and Zozo are incredibly friendly cats who love to be petted and held.


Of Daisy’s kittens, we named the three ginger toms Ron, Fred and George until they went to their new homes. My grandma took “Stupid Ron” and generously re-named him Jimmy. Jim is NOT a small cat; he is devoted to my grandma and a bit like a dog will stay by her side when work men or strangers come to the house. He does get in trouble for stealing neighbouring cats dinner though.

Rab (left) and Rosie (right) belong to Tom’s family. Rab lives in the Scottish Highlands with Tom’s grandparents and Rosie is Tom’s parents’ Border Terrier. We haven’t owned a dog since I was very small so I really enjoy playing with them when I see them. They’re also both very photogenic!

Anyway, there’s some light reading about our pets – I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’m writing this in advance and I need to go pack up my car to head off to Derbyshire. Charlotte and Ham are coming with me (Tom is off on a more relaxing holiday) so I’d better go and strap them in. Have a good week 🙂


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