Royal Veterinary College Open Day

Today the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) held their annual open day at the Hereford campus. As well as being one of the world’s best vet schools they also offer a 4-year accelerated graduate programme, so I was keen to find out more and have a look around. I really enjoyed the visit and RVC will definitely be on my UCAS application in the autumn!


We travelled down to London last night and stayed with Tom’s parents before taking the shorter journey to Potter’s Bar this morning. A shuttle bus was taking prospective applicants to the campus and we got to quiz current students on the ride there. We arrived and registered and then it was time for the talk about the BVetMed course that I’d booked onto. Parents and guardians were only to be allowed in once all the students were seated so I actually left Tom outside in the sunshine rather than make him stand in the “parents queue”!

After the talk and lunch we explored the campus a little and saw the clinical skills centres (above) and large animal imaging suite (below). We were a little pushed for time so didn’t spend too long in the CSCs (where students can practice their techniques on animal models) as they seemed very similar to ones I’d seen elsewhere; I did get some cheeky photos though because I wanted some to put on here and document my journey to vet school! In the imaging suite we had a tour of MRI, CAT scans, x-ray, ultrasound and scintigraphy which was a fascinating overview. Apparently they once put a llama through the MRI scanner and used it to track how an owl swallows for a David Attenborough programme.

Diagnostic imaging of pastries.

They also had some really cool demonstration aids – like this preserved horse’s leg cut in cross-section and a painted model of the muscular and skeletal systems (posed in the large X-ray room).

We’d intended to go to the Admissions talk but actually managed to meet the Graduate Admissions Tutor so I got my specific questions answered. The financial team had some special guidance sheets for grads and while we were in the information area I also met an animal welfare researcher whose work sounded really interesting. She said Temple Grandin is going to RVC for a talk this summer – I am SO jealous of the students who will get to go! I just finished one of her books on the train to campus!

Unfortunately by the time we’d seen all that the shuttle bus to the farm was no longer running so instead I quizzed two third-year students about the farm facilities. These are actually much better than I realised with a dairy, sheep, pigs and poultry whereas I thought I’d read it was just dairy, so that’s good to know! There was far too much to see in one day with all the small animal hospitals and then the whole Camden campus but I felt I got a good overview and am definitely happy to be applying there.


We finished the day off with an ice cream from a van, then dinner with Tom’s parents before getting the train back to Coventry. It was a really interesting and useful outing with fabulous weather too – what more could I ask for! Thanks for reading and thanks to the RVC for a fantastic #RVCOpenDay 🙂


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