Pigeongate 2k16

It seems it’s that time of year… once again, our little flat has been home to a racing pigeon.


I saw him/her when I got to work on Tuesday and he hung around all morning. Due to the warm weather we had the office door open and he kept wandering indoors, clearly not fased by people but unwilling to fly at all. Eventually due to the number of cats who come through out car park we caught him and our customer complaints lady rang his owner to ask for advice. He said the pigeon was meant to be racing from Cheltenham to West Yorkshire but as he’d got stuck on the ground, would we feed him up for a few days and send him on his way? We couldn’t see any injuries but he really didn’t seem willing to take off at all; apparently this time of year is the “young bird season” and birds get “flown out” or over-exhausted due to their inexperience.

For the rest of the day we made him an enclosure in the workshop and the end of the day I took him home. He ate seeds and peas and drank water from a mug. By Saturday he was flapping around in his specially adapted rabbit cage, but the weather was terrible so we waited until Sunday morning to send him off.

We have a top floor flat, so he had to be packaged up to get outside.


(Honestly, he was in the box at this point – just getting his act together!)


He sat by the bins for a bit before taking off in roughly the right direction. I hope you got home in one piece pigeon!



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