Wildlife rescue

Since I posted about a racing pigeon who came to stay in September two wood pigeons seem to have heard that I’m a soft-hearted pushover and turned up for handouts.

The first one actually knocked himself out on my bedroom window. I collected him from the lawn and put him into a dark box in the hope he would recover. I thought one of three things could happen: he’d die, he’d recover and I’d let him go, or if he just lurked in his box unable to function I’d have him put to sleep. It doesn’t seem fair to me to keep broken wild things that will just be scared and feel helpless.

He did seem to be improving and got back on his feet, but he wouldn’t fly away. I put him back in a box with a perch, food and water, but he died during the night.


The second I found at on a work call-out. He kept falling over and once I picked him up I could tell he was seriously underweight. I took him home and set him up with seeds and chicken feed to try and build him up but he wouldn’t eat, so I contacted a local wildlife rescue who agreed to take him. They knew a LOT more about pigeons than me and showed me the canker which was preventing him from eating. Apparently the prognosis isn’t great but they have had some successes so will have a go at helping him.

If I’m honest, I’m conflicted about rescuing wild animals. Nature is famously red in tooth and claw; the lives of wild animals end brutally, painfully and prematurely all the time. To interfere hinders the action of natural selection to produce better adapted animals and undoubtedly causes temporary stress to the patients. On the other hand, when I see something suffering, I want to help. Maybe that’s selfish and self-satisfying; but then maybe the young pigeon will get to fly off and fulfil its simple desires to eat, roost and raise chicks. Humans put their animal neighbours through a lot so perhaps when we can give something back, we should.

Update! Coventry Wildlife Rescue sent over a lovely message about how the last pigeon was doing. Apparently he is recovering well! How nice are these guys?

Pigeon feedback.jpg


Pigeongate 2k16

It seems it’s that time of year… once again, our little flat has been home to a racing pigeon.


I saw him/her when I got to work on Tuesday and he hung around all morning. Due to the warm weather we had the office door open and he kept wandering indoors, clearly not fased by people but unwilling to fly at all. Eventually due to the number of cats who come through out car park we caught him and our customer complaints lady rang his owner to ask for advice. He said the pigeon was meant to be racing from Cheltenham to West Yorkshire but as he’d got stuck on the ground, would we feed him up for a few days and send him on his way? We couldn’t see any injuries but he really didn’t seem willing to take off at all; apparently this time of year is the “young bird season” and birds get “flown out” or over-exhausted due to their inexperience.

For the rest of the day we made him an enclosure in the workshop and the end of the day I took him home. He ate seeds and peas and drank water from a mug. By Saturday he was flapping around in his specially adapted rabbit cage, but the weather was terrible so we waited until Sunday morning to send him off.

We have a top floor flat, so he had to be packaged up to get outside.


(Honestly, he was in the box at this point – just getting his act together!)


He sat by the bins for a bit before taking off in roughly the right direction. I hope you got home in one piece pigeon!


An update on Olaf

Olaf had a vet appointment today as he hasn’t been improving as we’d hoped. Thankfully since moving here we’ve found a fantastic vet who has paid great attention to my small pets. I had worried about the “little pets aren’t so important” attitudes you hear of but this practice has been wonderful with one of my hamsters and now with Olaf.

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