Happy New Year

This post is a bit later than I intended because I was ill over new year. 2016 may be a year lots of people seem happy to say goodbye to, but for me it seemed pretty good. Of course it had its ups and downs but I’ve decided to pinch an idea from Amy Stamp’s awesome blog and come up with 52 positives from the last year. I hope 2017 treats you well – happy new year!

  1. I took my little sister to a concert.
  2. I adopted Roo the unwanted hamster after many months in the adoption centre.
  3. I finished my grad scheme and got a permanent job.
  4. I learned to lamb a sheep!
  5. I spent a whole year riding at a lovely yard and making friends (equine and human!) there.
  6. I galloped across stubble fields with some of my oldest friends.group.jpg
  7. I picked up art materials again thanks to Fiona.
  8. I flew a spaceship in virtual reality (thanks Dave!).
  9. I visited Anna and Fiona in Wales at last.
  10. I rescued 3 pigeons.
  11. I ran a hobby event with Elli and Jan.
  12. And we attended 3 others to take part, making some new friends along the way.
  13. I read a bunch of books on Arthurian legend.
  14. I cared for a Katie’s pets while she was away and had 7 animals living with me at one point!
  15. Megan and Logan came to visit us. We met a stag.IMG_4693.JPG
  16. I spent a week in equine practice…
  17. …and a week in farm practice…10 - A lot of pus from a cow.jpg
  18. …which made me grateful for where I grew up.
  19. I volunteered at the RSPCA through the summer.
  20. I applied to vet school.
  21. I racked up some miles for open days and interviews including a road trip with my dad.
  22. I got in to Nottingham!!
  23. I voted remain.
  24. I won a model making class.
  25. I started working out how to buy a house (seriously, it’s so complicated and expensive).
  26. I helped set up an internship scheme for disabled youths.
  27. I painted my grandma’s nails.
  28. I lead a lot of little girls and boys in their riding lessons.
  29. I finished my course of CBT and learned positive ways to deal with anxiety.
  30. We went home for my little sister’s 21stimg_20161203_192250
  31. I learned to play Pokemon.
  32. We taught kids about exotic animals at Walthamstow Garden Party.
  33. I started keeping cacti, picking up my grandad’s collection.
  34. I gave Olaf the rabbit a chance and when it didn’t work out, I knew he’d had a good run.
  35. I spend my birthday with Dave, Chaz, Tom, Sian and my family.IMG_2429.jpg
  36. I learned about a whole bunch of topics and wrote about them on here.
  37. I visited the baby elephant at Twycross Zoo with Tom, Katy and Matt.
  38. I saved a big chunk of money towards my degree.
  39. We travelled to London to see friends from uni for bonfire night.
  40. We visited Ally and Sam in their new home.
  41. We fixed the windscreen wipers on our car ourselves.
  42. I persuaded my mum to take ex-stray Boris to the vet.img_20161129_104713
  43. I watched cross country/eventing for the first time.
  44. Tom and I went to Birmingham Aquarium, met a friendly dogfish and had delicious Chinese food for lunch.
  45. I went on a work Christmas do that surprised us all by being so awesome.
  46. I practiced letting myself have downtime, even if it does mean watching TV.
  47. I braved a make up counter and learned how to “do my face”.
  48. I kept Ham the geriatric hamster alive for another year!IMG_4941.JPG
  49. I learned a lot about riding young horses.
  50. We took part in the Wakes parade.
  51. I took some MOOC courses – even if I didn’t finish them all, I learned some stuff.
  52. Lily and I went to the Horse of the Year Show in Birmingham.



Interview nerves!

So, the scary crazy exciting news is that I have an interview for Nottingham on Wednesday next week. I had two days off work to use up this month so I booked one of them and the interview is 10am so I have enough time to drive up there first thing.

At first I was so, so excited and happy to have an interview, especially for my top choice university. Since then some weird nightmares including “forgetting” you aren’t meant to leave interviews halfway through and rejection letters have kicked in! I’ve tried to re-cap my placement notes and things I’ve read over the past year, but at this point (as I have to keep reminding myself) it’s not about what I can cram. It’s what I’ve been living and breathing this last year and more generally the theme of animal biology which has run through my whole life!

Nottingham write on their website that the interviews have three 20-minute sessions, including a formal interview, practical and group task. None of those sound too scary. I’ve tried to prepare answers to a few obvious interview questions and I’m going to download my competency notes from work tomorrow in case they come in handy, having had a successful interview using them earlier this year. For the practical I’ll just try to be enthusiastic (shouldn’t be difficult) and think things through logically. As for the group task, they gave us a little taster at the open day – I’m going to try and start useful discussion of our task without dominating, make useful suggestions, encourage others and include everyone like we look for when recruiting apprentices at work. I can’t tell if that experience has been useful or not: yes, I appreciate how a group task works, but I can get carried away picturing their wash-up discussion afterwards!

Then there are the other dilemmas like what to wear, but I think they can wait until the night before. Good luck to everyone else with their interviews, I hope they go well and you end up where you want to be! Xxx